Actor and Musical theatre performer

… The F*CK Am I Doing?

A very fitting title for the first production coming out of the new writing initiative, The COW Community.
In April 2021 we were proud to present a remotely rehearsed and filmed, online adaptation of the musical .. The F*CK Am I Doing? by Ali Keller and Emily Simons.

It ran as a digital charity event, benefiting the non-profit organisation Playing Sane, which seeks to support the mental health experiences of working artists and returned for a subsequent digital run at Brighton Fringe.

About The F*CK Am I Doing?

Following a successful run at the 2019 New York Musical Festival …The F*CK Am I Doing? returns as a comedic, vulnerable, and quirky musical exploration of “aging” millennials who are still trying to find their place, their purpose, or their person.

Though it was originally written about millennial burnout and the growing pains of your 20’s, the show’s investigation of mental health and loneliness sums up the ebbs and flows of this past year living through a pandemic. The result is a timely piece sure to be a cathartic experience for anyone who lived through 2020 and has ever felt like they had no idea what the f*ck they were doing.

West End Best Friends gave the show 4 stars, hailing it as “incisive and authentic” and “relatable to anyone who experienced lockdown”.

COW Founders – Lucy Alder and Sofie Kaern
Madeline Osborn – Producer
Manda Jønsson – Director

Scarlet Simmons
Danny Romeo
Sofie Kaern
Lucy Alder
Lizzie Buckingham
Ayesha Staley
Hannah Abdool

Future plans

Keep an eye out for future project from The COW Community. We aim to keep creating opportunity and support for all creatives in the theatre industry. So we can’t wait for what the future might hold for our initiative.